The User Interface


The dashboard is the first page that you will be presented with once you have been approved in to the site. The site serves two primary functions:

  1. It presents you with any notifications and actions that may be required of you in order for your account to be considered (and remain) valid and in a payable state. Examples of these actions include:

    1. Submission of a valid W-8 or W-9 tax form in order to enable payments to your account.

    2. Notification of new features or modifications to our system that may require changes on how you interact with our system.

    3. Notifications of any suspicious or fraudulent activity that may result in the locking of your account pending review.

  2. It notifies you of any unread messages that you may have awaiting your review.

The User interface will have the following tabs for you to make changes and to stay on top of all new offers that we will have available.

  1. My Account—This will be the first view that you see after clicking on the Account tab. Its purpose is to provide you with an overview of all of your account details.

    1. When your account has been approved and you have signed in for the first time, please take a moment to verify that all of this information is correct—especially the payment information. If there are any errors in your payment information, you will not receive any payments.

    2. This area represents your organization's details and must be accurate. If any changes need to be made, click on the My Account link near the top left of the page. If this information is incorrect, you may not receive your payments.

  1. Campaigns

    1. This tab will allow you to see all your current campaigns that are available to you. When you expand each campaign it will give you a details description of the offer, with commissions, stats, pixel tracking, geographic restrictions, notes, and other actions.

      1. The actions are Preview, Suppression Data, Links + Creatives, Pixels, +Favorites

  2. Reports

    1. This tab will be the main page to get all reports for all the activities. The following reports will available:

      1. Sub-ID report

      2. This area gives you a quick snapshot of the clicks and leads that have been attributed to your sub IDs. If you are running multiple offers, this snapshot will be a combination of all of your offers that you are currently running. The default date range that these figures represent is the Month to date.

      3. Month to date activity

        1. This reporting page give you a quick snapshot of each campaign name and the month to date clicks, sales, conversions, EPC, and total earnings.

        2. When you expand the campaigns you will get a detailed day by day accounting of each of the items mentioned.

        3. You can also look at this activity report for historical activity as well, and customize the report for your needs.

      4. Sales Detail Report

        1. This reporting feature allows you to select for each offer the following:

          1. Date range

          2. Base on Sales date and different itemized information such as the sub-affiliate IDs, creative IDs, etc.

        2. This report can be downloaded or viewed on screen

      5. Clicks Detail Report

        1. This report is similar to the sales detail report. The only difference here is that you are tracking clicks rather than leads.

      6. Stats Export

        1. The Stats report is essential when it comes to reconciliation as well as tracking your own leads that are generated. This reports gives an exact tracking for each lead to the affiliate, sub-affiliate, creative, and other identifying features of the lead.

      7. API Tool

        1. For those who have their own reporting systems that would like to use our reporting in combination with their own can use this API page to walk you through the steps of setting up the API to work with your reporting system.

      8. Commission Summary

        1. The Commission Summary is the report used to identify amounts owed to you.

  3. News

    1. The news tab is where we will notify you about all new offers that are coming out. If there are any changes at all they would be noticed here.

  4. Logout

Overall Affiliate Process

Application Process

The application process if fairly simple. The application consists of multiple parts which contain dynamic information based on your input. Use the links provided to navigate through each step or you will have to restart from the beginning to complete. Your information will only be submitted after completing all steps.

Application Approval Process

Once your application is received an account review will take place and if some information eeds to be clarified, somebody will be in touch with you. Otherwise please give 2 business days to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you will receive an email notifying you that everything is approved and your login should work. Once you login you should be able to download images and links to place on your website.

Evaluation Period

Every affiliate must go through a 28 day evaluation process. During this period, the leads generated from your website or traffic will be evaluated for volume and quality. We monitor all incoming leads from the way they are generated to how our clients perform with your leads. The evaluation period is meant to help us gauge your quality of leads and teach you about what we require for good quality leads. We will work beside you to help optimize your quality of leads to help you get paid optimally. This optimization will include showing reports on the quality of the leads. Towards the end of the 28 day evaluation period will have a meeting to discuss the outcome of the evaluation period and the next steps.

If after the 28 day evaluation period we deem that your lead quality meets our requirements then we will continue your account and move you to the normal payment frequency or every two weeks. After the 28 day evaluation period we see that your lead quality does not meet our requirements, then at our discretion we will decide how to proceed or suspend your account.

Payment Process

The following payment process is outlined to show the process by which payments are executed for your account:

  1. Your Initial Payment

    1. Your first payment will be executed on the next pay cycle following your 28 day evaluation period.

  2. Payment Frequency

    1. Following your Initial Payment, your subsequent payments will be sent out on the 5th and 20th of each month. These payments will cover all financial activity for the previous pay cycle. Each pay cycle will be from the 1st-15th and the 16th-31st.

  3. Financial Activity

    1. The financial activity for your account will be found under the Month to Date Activity Report under the Reports tab. Select the date range you require and that will show you the amount to be paid on.

  4. Payment Options

    1. For U.S. Accounts we offer three forms of payment. For US accounts we offer check, ACH, and Paypal. International accounts are paid through Check or Paypal.

      1. The standard check which will be sent out on the 5th and 20th of each month. If you have a Fed Ex or UPS account and would like faster delivery of the check please provide us with that account and the way you would like us to send and we will accommodate.

      2. The ACH payments are deposited using the banking information you provide to our controller. Should your banking information or other payment related information such as company name require updating please contact us.

      3. Paypal payments may take up to 30 days for Paypal to notify us of any issues with your Paypal account. Please ensure the Paypal account you have on file with us is both accurate and current. Should your banking information or any other payment related information such as company name require updating please contact us.We also have the ability to pay via ACH and Paypal.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my first payment?

With the assumption that all of your supplied financial information is correct, you should expect to receive your first payment at the end of the 4th week that your account has been active.

How Payments are Processed?

Submitting Your W-8/W-9 Tax Form

Can I have more than one campaign?

Yes. For larger accounts it is possible to create multiple campaigns to represent targeted offers. To enable support for multiple campaigns, please contact us.

How long does your tracking cookie persist for?

Our tracking cookie persists for up to 30-days from the time a click-thru is made. Users with this cookie will have 30-days to sign with our service. Your account will be attributed with this lead if the user signs up with this cookie within that 30-day period.